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LELIT Elizabeth PL92T - Espresso Machine

LELIT Elizabeth PL92T - Espresso Machine

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Lelit Elizabeth- PL92T

Product Overview

The new Lelit Elizabeth espresso machine features a double boiler for water and steam. This is top of the line for those who want top-notch espresso, and infinite steam for no-compromise creamy milk-based drinks.

With a commercial 58mm group , programmable PID and steam, timed shots and programmable pre-brew .



The Lelit Elizabeth takes many of our favorite espresso machine features and packs them into an impressively compact body at an affordable price.

With its PID temperature control, volumetric firing buttons, and built-in firing timer, you get all the control a barista needs to fire a great shot.

In addition, they used an intelligent design that uses the pressure of the steam boiler to perform a programmable pre-brew . Lelit's dedication to detail even shines through in its portafilter baskets, which are more accurate and easier to drop a disc than the vast majority of stock baskets.

When it comes to steam, Elizabeth boasts something we've never seen in such a small machine: 2 bar steam pressure . This doesn't just mean your cappuccino will be ready faster. It also means that it is capable of producing the kind of fine textured microfoam you would expect in a coffee shop.


Elizabeth PL92T Features:

  • Improved silent vibrating pump;
  • New economy mode ;
  • New water tank reserve line ;
  • Repositioned expansion valve for easy access;
  • Improved temperature and level probe;
  • New anti-vacuum valve
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