Virtual Visit - WELCOME

Welcome to ASANTE.

We want to Provide Unique Experiences in our space with a Cozy Environment , where the Coffee will be the central subject of conversations.

ASANTE means THANK YOU in Swahili and northern Mozambique (Macondes), where the name is in line with the values of the project promoters. We want to thank all stakeholders for visiting us or purchasing our products and at the same time respect all the hard work of farmers in all countries where we buy green coffee.


Get to know ASANTE


We want to be known as a Speciality Coffee Boutique. All Asante coffees will have a maximum shelf life of 45 days after roasting. This way we will be forced to roast small batches – “Small Batches” each time to maximize the freshness of the coffee, or the correct management of Demand vs Capacity of our first Roaster.

Asante will want to foster a culture of "Slow Coffee Enjoyment", as everyday life is already too frenetic.


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