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LELIT Bianca PL162T – Espresso Machine

LELIT Bianca PL162T – Espresso Machine

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LELIT Bianca PL162T

Meet the ultimate luxury dual-boiler espresso machine from LELIT.

The LELIT BIANCA is a double boiler of Italian design and construction, rotary pump, E61 espresso machine with a built-in PID , and trip timer that can be piped directly or run on its built-in tank. The espresso machine also features a unique flow control paddle.

The espresso machine for the true home barista who wants to get the best out of every coffee.

  • Flow Control Palette
  • Group head pressure gauge
  • PID temperature control
  • Built-in shooting timer
  • Stainless steel arms, stainless steel steam and hot water
  • pump pressure gauge
  • steam pressure gauge
  • Nut steamers and hot water
  • Made in Italy


double boiler

Two separate boilers, one for steam and hot water, the other for coffee. A system designed for greater thermal stability and to deliver coffee and steam simultaneously, with a reduced heating time.


high quality materials

Shovels, handles, adjustable feet, handles and filter holders in the finest walnut wood . Appliance body, water tank, drip tray and wire grid in AISI 304 polished stainless steel for a long-lasting result and easy cleaning.


environmentally friendly

The energy saving system allows you to set a waiting time after which the steam boiler is deactivated and the coffee boiler maintains a temperature of 70°C. Reset time is approximately 10 minutes.


Technical features:

  • Group L58E, paddle system with patented design, compatible with LELIT58 barista tools;
  • Professional water/steam taps with spring closure;
  • LCC with high-resolution OLED graphic display;
  • Lack of water in the tank and "reserve mode" graphic indicator;
  • Possibility of activation of low flow and temperature of the beer;
  • Possibility of activating pre-infusion and standby times;
  • Possibility of deactivating the steam boiler;
  • Counter of partial and total doses;
  • Coffee delivery timer;
  • Temperature displayed in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit;
  • Dual manometer for pump/steam pressure;
  • L58E group manometer for coffee pressure;
  • Water supply and direct discharge;
  • Pump calibration through external adjustment screw;
  • Appliance body in polished stainless steel with cup-warming grid and drip tray with wire grid;
  • Walnut wood knobs, lever, shovel and feet;
  • Backlit stainless steel I/O switch;
  • Multidirectional steam wands and anti-combustion hot water;
  • Placeable water tank on three sides of the machine;
  • AISI316L stainless steel steam boiler: 1.5 l;
  • AISI316L stainless steel coffee boiler: 800 ml;
  • Water tank: 2.5 l;
  • Dimensions LxDxH: 29x40.5x40 cm + 8 cm mobile water tank;
  • Weight: 26.5 kg.



  • Bottomless filter holder LELIT58 with walnut wood handle;
  • LELIT58 2-way portafilter with walnut wood handle and coffee spout;
  • LELIT58 1 dose filter (9-11 g), IMS;
  • LELIT58 2 dose filter (14-18g), IMS;
  • LELIT58 2 servings (18-21g), IMS;
  • LELIT58 blind filter, IMS;
  • LELIT58 stainless steel tamper with aluminum handle;
  • Spoon for coffee powder;
  • Cup support;
  • 70 l water softener filter;
  • Small brush with nylon bristles;
  • LELIT microfibre cloth;
  • Optional 4-Hole Steam Wand Nozzle;
  • First cleaning kit.


All LELIT products are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, using professional technologies and components.

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