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Water softener - LELIT PLA9204

Water softener - LELIT PLA9204

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A descaler is important for the longevity of your espresso machine, because limescale blocks your machine. Lelit recommends this descaler and a small pack of 2 doses x 125 ml.

Application : A 125 ml bottle is mixed with 400 ml of water and placed in the water tank. The contents of the water tank are then channeled to the boiler or boilers, where they act. Depending on the degree of descaling, the descaling agent is released via the “Group Head” or the hot water nozzle after a period of time.

Don't forget to rinse the machine enough with 2-3 full tanks of clean water. Also check beforehand whether descaling is recommended in the operating instructions for your Lelit machine or whether the use of filters is recommended from the start. PLEASE READ YOUR EQUIPMENT

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