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Eureka Mignon Zero 16CR – Low Retention Grinder

Eureka Mignon Zero 16CR – Low Retention Grinder

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Grinding :- Turkish | Espresso | Mokka | Drip | French Press


Main features

The Eureka Mignon Zero 16CR coffee grinder has 55mm steel burrs for grinding espresso. It has ON/OFF activation, without the need to keep pressing the button. Continuous micrometric adjustment system (patented by Eureka), with a larger button and vertical measuring scale for greater ease of use.

Silent technology

Silent grinding everywhere: in the café and at home.

The exclusive anti-vibration solution reduces grinding noise by around 20 dB compared to conventional grinders and opens the way to a new way of grinding coffee: precise and silent.

High quality materials

Body and grinding chamber in aluminum, burrs in hardened steel, for long-lasting durability.

ACE System

Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity.

Designed to prevent the development of lumps and eliminate the electrostatic charge of ground coffee, the ACE system is the common denominator of all Eureka on-demand grinders. Thanks to its regulatory action on the flow of coffee, the ACE system guarantees unparalleled cleanliness and dose consistency.

Continuous micrometric regulation system (patented by Eureka)

Patented by Eureka, it guarantees unparalleled adjustment precision and saves time and coffee.

The micrometric system with infinite adjustment points, the only one based on the repositioning of the lower grinding wheel, guarantees incomparable grinding performance and allows maintenance operations to be carried out without losing grinding adjustment.


Included with the Grinder

Mignon single dose hopper ( 45gr );

Mignon Single Serving



Type of burrs - Flat

Burr diameter - 55 mm

Burr material - Hardened steel

Drive system - Direct

Rpm - 1350

Power - 310 W

Grain container capacity - 45 g

Grain tank material - Plastic



Manual (ON/OFF)

Number of adjustments - Continuous micrometric system

Height - 345 mm

Width - 120 mm

Depth - 140 mm

Net Weight - 5.6 kg



  • Silent Technology
  • ACE System
  • Espresso & Brew
  • Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka)
  • "High Speed" Maintenance
  • Easy setting system
  • Touch screen (2 doses + continuous)
  • Standard "Hands-Free" Fork
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