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Clever Dripper

Clever Dripper - L

Clever Dripper - L

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Clever Dripper!

Smart, actually.

The aptly named Clever Coffee Dripper manages to take the process of Brewing and make it more accessible than perhaps any other type of brewing. Using your brewing cone for four coffee mugs like a soaking space and a seal at its base to decant your coffee directly into your mug or pitcher, you'll get repeatable results that bring together some of the best parts of a full soak steep, which means brewing. set-it-and-forget-it , fewer accessories needed for success, and cup clarity that lets you fully enjoy your favorite coffee.


Easy to use, easy to own

Clever really sets itself apart from the crowd with ease of maintenance compared to so many others. brewers . Thanks to its BPA-free plastic construction, you can also expect this drip to be durable, lasting longer than its price tag would suggest.

box contents

  • Smart coffee drip
  • Smart cap drip
  • Smart drip base/cup holder

PS – the box does not include a filter (#4 filters -Moccamaster)

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