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CHEMEX 100 white paper filters for 6-8 cups

CHEMEX 100 white paper filters for 6-8 cups

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What Makes CHEMEX® Filters Interesting?
The cone shape guarantees even extraction for the pure flavor of the coffee. Thicker special fiber filter design (20-30% more than the competition) keeps bitters, oils and bases in place (and out of your cup)
• Pre-folded for convenience
• Removes impurities, acidity, harmful elements and bitterness from coffee. In your cup, you will find only the caffeine and the desirable aromatic oils of the coffee beans.
• Works well with all types of roasts - even tea! Allowing you to make the perfect, purest cup, every time.
• The CHEMEX® coffee maker brewing system is a preferred method of roasters and baristas around the world.
• Filter paper is made in the USA and uses only USA materials. Harvested responsibly and in compliance with SFI, FSC and PEFC sustainable programs
• Compostable and biodegradable
• Easy cleaning. No trays, no baskets, just remove the filter and discard.

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