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COLOMBIA Specialty Coffee 13092-7 - HUILA - Washed

COLOMBIA Specialty Coffee 13092-7 - HUILA - Washed

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Finca Buena Vista

Luz Mila Mosquera planted Yellow Bourbon trees at Finca Buena Vista knowing their high quality potential. Since then, they have been cultivating coffee with an eye toward specialty quality batches and this fully washed Yellow Bourbon batch lives up to that potential with notes of chocolate covered cherries, florals and grapefruit.

Luz Mila Mosquera inherited the farm from her parents, who used to grow Yellow Bourbon. His parents had cut down the Yellow Bourbon plants, without realizing the high quality potential they offered. Recognizing the potential of Yellow Bourbon in the specialty market, Luz grew Yellow Bourbon trees at Finca Buena Vista, 1,200 meters above sea level.
Luz is a member of the Asobombo Cooperative.

Grupo Asociativo El Bombo Pitalito Inza, Asombombo for short, was founded by Luis Alfredo Diaz to increase market access and obtain fair and sustainable prices for his coffee. Currently, its members in Huila, Caquetá, Cauca and Nariño have organic certification and sell their coffees with Asobombo to obtain higher prices for their hard work.

Luz selectively chooses ripe, red cherries and processes them on the farm to ensure the best quality coffee. They peel the cherry and ferment the coffee for 32 hours in traditional tanks. After fermentation, the coffee is washed in clean water and dried in a parabolic dryer. Parchment is swept up frequently. Parchment takes around 15 days to dry.

Overall, this coffee from Colombia offers a rich, complex cup with a balance of sweet and spicy notes. The fruity sweetness of plum and cherry is complemented by tangy acidity, while brown spice and ginger provide a warm, comforting flavor profile. Notes of milk chocolate add a smooth, creamy layer to the flavor profile, making this a perfect coffee for those who enjoy a complex, full cup.

In the Cup

Fruity sweetness of plum and cherry with tangy acidity, brown spices and ginger with smooth, creamy milk chocolate.

Origin:- Colombia
Region:- Huila
Producer:- Luis Mosquera - Finca Buena Vista
Variety:- Yellow Bourbon
Altitude:- 1200m
Processing Method:- Washed

Preparation Suggestion (Brewing)

The Cup

Delicate floral notes blend perfectly with bright citrus, sweet brown sugar and smooth milk chocolate, creating a balanced and delicious cup.

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Although coffee production in Colombia did not become a commercial industry until the 19th century, it is likely that coffee was introduced to Colombia about a century earlier by Jesuit priests.
Colombia has a wide range of microclimates and geographic conditions that produce the unique flavors so prized in Colombian coffees. Although there are many sub-regions and increasingly smaller geographic designations - all in terms of individual farms - coffees in Colombia can be separated into three major regions whose climate, soils and altitudes affect tastes.
Coffees grown in the north (Magdalena, Casanare, Santander and Norte de Santander) are usually planted at lower altitudes where temperatures are higher. As such, these coffees tend to have deeper, earthier tastes with a medium acidity, more body and hints of nuts and chocolate.
Coffees from the central regions (Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda, Norte de Valle, Antioquia, Cundinamarca and Norte de Tolima) are celebrated for their general balance and for their fruity and herbaceous notes. Flavor variations highlight the specific characteristics of each micro-region.

The southern regions (Cauca, Nariño, Huila and Sul de Tolima) are appreciated for producing smooth coffees with high sweetness and citrus notes. They are also known for their medium body and more pronounced acidity.

Delicate floral notes blend perfectly with bright citrus, sweet brown sugar and smooth milk chocolate, creating a balanced and delicious cup.

Produtor Luis Mosquera - Finca Buena Vista
Região Huila
Variedade Yellow Bourbon
Processo Washed
Altitude 1200m
Roast Level Light Dark