Sobretaxa de Combústivel -15,5% - Onde irá Estabilizar?

Fuel Surcharge -15.5% - Where Will It Stabilize?

Fuel Surcharge.

When we started this business project at the end of August 2021, I remember that the fuel surcharge was 3.5%, where we could afford these costs without passing this way on to our customers.

Today, upon receiving the information, I see that the Fuel Surcharge for April will be 15.5% , which can jeopardize many online shopping decisions due to the high cost of transport.



It is not at all bearable to dilute costs between company and consumer by making products and equipment expensive. It will be particularly painful for micro and small companies (including a start-up such as ASANTE BOUTIQUE COFFEE ROASTERS), where online sales are already an integral part of the growth and sustainability strategy of the business project.


Asante, as it cannot lose customers , will have to give up part of its margin by having to bear the largest share of this transport cost .


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