Os Preços do Café Arábica em Julho de 2021 subiram para os níveis mais altos desde Novembro de 2014

Arabica Coffee Prices in July 2021 rose to the highest levels since November 2014

Arabica coffee prices in July 2021 have risen to the highest levels since November 2014, when severe frost hit Brazilian coffee farms , while concerns increase over weather phenomena in other producing countries.

Coffee prices continued to increase in July 2021, with the Arabica variety reaching the highest levels since November 2014, with concerns mounting about current and future availability from many origins, with especially the world's largest producer, the Brazil, which suffered a severe frost on 20 July. As a result, market volatility has increased. Compared to the monthly average in October 2020, the beginning of the current year, the level reached in July 2021 represents an increase of 43.8% .

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