Novos Cafés na ASANTE

New Cafés at ASANTE

New Speciality Coffees

It is with great pleasure that we are launching new cafes so that our valued customers can enjoy and discover new origins and regions .

An Organic Coffee from Ethiopia and a new Microlot Coffee from Rwanda.

In this way we are launching a new Region of the already famous and one of our favorite Origins - Ethiopia.

Ethiopia - Limmu (Washed) - ORGANIC

The farm is certified organic and produces washed and natural coffees, and has not only a wonderful flavor profile , but also complete traceability back to the producer — and nowadays down to the "block", or sublot.

Limmu coffee is regarded as premium gourmet coffee with its distinctive terroir and variety. In the cup it has a well-balanced mouthfeel and vibrant floral tones. It is balanced, sweet, lightly spiced with pleasant wine-like characteristics.



Our next coffee from a new origin that we want to make known to our customers. is from Rwanda.


Rwanda - Cyato (Washed) - MICROLOT

The Abadatezuka Cooperative is a group of small farmers in the western province of Rwanda who deliver their cherry coffee to the Cyato Wash Station, located in the Cyato sector of the Nayamasheke district in that region. Producers here grow coffee at elevations up to 2,200 meters above sea level , and the washing station is located at 1,850 meters above sea level. The washing station was created in 2017.

An interesting facet to the coffee here is that the native bees that live in and around the Nyungwe forest where the coffee is grown are said to be responsible in part for the "unique profile" cool climate affected by the lake thanks to the area's proximity to the lake. Kivu contributes to the flavors found in the glass.

Farmers do not use synthetic inputs either as fertilizer or as pest control .

We love Rwandan coffee, and we are excited to share the best we can with you.

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