Ducasse Paris lança nova gama de cafés e marca de especialidade

Ducasse Paris launches new range of coffees and speciality brand

Lavazza Group, Ducasse Paris launches new range of coffees and speciality brand

Three years after the opening of La Manufacture de Café Alain Ducasse in France, Grupo Lavazza and chef alain Ducasse presented a range of seven speciality coffee beans.

Lavazza says the partnership was built on common values: know-how, quality and tradition.

The collaboration between Alain Ducasse and Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice President of the Lavazza Group, began in 2018, based on these common values and entrepreneurship, which link the history of the two companies.

Giuseppe Lavazza says it is an honor to bring the two brands together with the new range, entitled Le Café Alain Ducasse avec 1895 by Lavazza.

" Alain Ducasse is admired worldwide for his universe of tastes, for his pioneering and contemporary vision of classic French cuisine ", he says.

"Attention to know-how and quality is a value we share with this artisan of good life and good food."

The partnership led to the creation of a joint venture in a dozen countries. Lavazza says it became a reality through the unique launch that brings together these two internationally renowned brands.

Lavazza says the partnership employs technical specifications and stringent controls to ensure that all of the two brands' criteria are met.

In addition, every step of coffee production, from coffee bean selection to roasting and bean blending , is driven by their pursuit of artisanal excellence.


This is good news for Asante Boutique Coffee Roasters as the restaurant sector will have to reinvent itself when it comes to serving bad coffee at the end of a good meal.
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