A Victoria Arduino E1 Prima Seleccionada para a ADI Design Index 2021

The Victoria Arduino E1 Prima Selected for the ADI Design Index 2021

After the Eagle One, Victoria Arduino's E1 Prima has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2021. The Industrial Design Association made the announcement yesterday in Milan during an event at the ADI Design Museum.

The ADI Design Index 2021 is a special selection, made by the Permanent Observatory of Design, covering products and product systems in all markets, theoretical and critical research, and design-related processes or businesses. The ADI Design Index represents a pre-selection for the Compasso d'Oro Award by ADI , the most prestigious industrial design award worldwide , with the aim of increasing the value of Italian design.

Why E1 Prima? (The one we have to serve our customers)

E1 Prima is a product that represents and decodes a change in coffee consumption . Speciality products are most in demand, prepared with top quality gourmet "gourmet" materials produced in an ethical and sustainable way. Quality coffee is becoming a true way of life where people are looking for an exclusive coffee experience even outside the cafeteria, such as food trucks, boutiques, offices, homes, and many other environments. E1 PRIMA is a versatile and eclectic coffee machine capable of interpreting current trends and predicting the future.

Coffee machines are not just tools for serving, they also carry a real message, whose meaning expands to larger dimensions, which include an expression of the personality of the barista, roaster or coffee lover, a history, a life and a trend.

It is very easy to customize using different tones and natural materials such as wood or technological materials such as steel, resins and aluminum. This allows you to express your own personality and vision through the coffee machine. E1 Prima thus becomes part of a story, a philosophy that changes with its environment. For his ability to transform and create a message, the architect and ambassador of the excellence of Italian creativity in the world, Giulio Cappellini, created a special selection of "seasonal aspect" adding new colors and textures that interpret current trends. With many images for a unique idea of accessible glamour, such as a tailored dress or a fashion accessory, PRIMA is available in many colors and exclusive editions.

As with the Eagle One machine, Victoria Arduino's E1 Prima set a goal: to design a product where workflow comfort meets aesthetic and functional qualities, while continuing technological research and igniting innovative energy. The result is a perfect combination of aesthetics and simplicity. Furthermore, it offers a sustainable design that fully considers the environmental impact of the machine in terms of economic and energy savings. NEO (New Engine Optimization) technology represents an intelligent approach to heating water and ensures high performance while increasing energy efficiency. E1 Prima was designed to be more compact, more performing, and more sustainable.


Come and taste a beautiful Honduran espresso made by this Technologically Innovative and elegant piece of Art .

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