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Speciality Coffee Peru - Cajamarca - Natural

Speciality Coffee Peru - Cajamarca - Natural

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A Natural Process Coffee ( FTO - Fair Trade Organic ) from Quinta "La Guaba" by Mr Martín Vega Segovia.

Origin:- Peru
Region:- Huabal - Cajamarca
Producer:- Martín Vega Segovia - Finca La Guaba
Variety:- Caturra, Catuaí, Catimor
Altitude:- 1785 masl
Processing Method:- Natural
Harvests:- November - April

Preparation suggestion (Brewing)

the cup

A Coffee with Notes of Ripe Fruits, Litchi, Honey, Caramel and with some Lactic notes.

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Although coffee arrived in Peru relatively early – in the mid-1700s – it was not grown for commercial export until almost the 20th century, with increasing demand from Europe and a significant decrease in coffee production in Indonesia. The British presence and influence in the country, in particular, helped to increase and boost exports: In the early 1900s, the British government took possession of around 2 million hectares of land from the Peruvian government as payment on a defaulted loan, and much of that land became British-owned coffee plantations. The country has a remarkable number of certified organic coffees, as well as Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified coffees. About 30% of the country's smallholders are members of democratic cooperatives, which has raised the profile of the region's cafes, but has done little to bring incredibly high quality lots into the spotlight. Peru is Arabia's largest exporter of organic coffee globally. With extremely high altitudes and fertile soils, the country's smallholder farmers also produce some impressive specialty coffees. As of the 2010s, Peru is a leading producer of Arabica coffee, often ranked fifth in world production and Arabian exports. The remoteness of coffee farms and the incredibly small size of the average farm prevented much of the differentiation of a single farm that allowed the development and marketing of microlots in other growing regions, but, as with everything else in specialty coffee, this is also changing rapidly. The Profile of Peruvian Coffees Peruvian coffees are highly prized for their creamy feel and smooth citrus notes. Caramel notes often appear in the finish. Peruvian coffees are highly appreciated for their subtle, clean and aromatic character. They are increasingly being appreciated as single-origin coffees, with the best ones displaying a unique sweet vanilla note. Organics from small farms in northern Peru.

Produtor Martín Vega Segovia - Finca La Guaba
Região Huabal - Cajamarca
Variedade Caturra, Catuai, Catimor
Processo Natural
Altitude 1785 masl
Roast Level Light Dark

A Coffee with Notes of Ripe Fruits, Litchi, Honey, Caramel and with some Lactic notes.