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Honduras Specialty Coffee - La Paz, Marcala - Natural

Honduras Specialty Coffee - La Paz, Marcala - Natural

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If we talk about high quality coffee in Honduras , we are talking about MARCALA coffee that has agro-ecological characteristics and a special flavor that are unrepeatable in the world. The prestige of MARCALA coffee is based on a rich tradition of quality , based on naturally favorable conditions and on the discipline of the human factor in production and processes practiced in the area since ancient times.

Origin:- Honduras
Region:- La Paz - Marcala
Producer:- Smallholder farmers cooperative
Variety:- Catuaí, Lempira
Altitude:- 1700m
Processing Method:- Natural
Harvests:- November - April



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Honduras is a small but powerful coffee producer. The country has the highest coffee production per capita in the world. As of 2017, Honduras began to rank third for the volume of Saudi production globally. For this spot, they compete with Ethiopia - a country 10 times the size of Honduras. Honduras has everything it needs to become a top speciality coffee producer. The country has the right growing conditions, abundant fertile soils and high altitudes (almost all farms are more than 1,000 meters above sea level), as well as a variety of microclimates. Starting in the early 2000s, the industry began to focus on quality. Improved infrastructure (better mechanical dryers, centralized wet mills, an increasing number of solar dryers), quality control/assurance training (sorting batches by quality, cupping schools, etc.), increase in specialty-focused exporters, the increase in volumes of certified coffees and the strengthening of the cooperative movement worked together to make Honduran coffee "one to watch". Unlike many Central American countries, Honduras has a younger average age of producer. The efforts of this generation have considerably improved Honduras' reputation for quality and its growing international demand. The Profile of Honduran Coffees Honduran premium coffee is typically full-bodied and sweet, with a mild acidity. It is generally processed and graded by the altitude at which it was grown, we think there is a bright future for growers who are interested in committing to quality and achieving that microlot status.

It stands out for its notes of chocolate, mango, red fruits and spices, with medium acidity and good body.

Produtor Smallholder Farmer's Cooperative
Região La Paz - Marcala
Variedade Catuaí, Lempira
Processo Natural
Altitude 1700m
Roast Level Light Dark
Sugestão de preparação (Brewing)