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COLOMBIA Specialty Coffee - HUILA - Lavado (Long Fermentation)

COLOMBIA Specialty Coffee - HUILA - Lavado (Long Fermentation)

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Fully Washed - Long Fermentation

Finca El Triunfo

Carlos Ernesto Álvarez Ospina started his first coffee business in high school and partially financed his tuition fees with the profits. Their expertise is evident in the myriad flavors of this fully washed coffee.


Finca El Triunfo has been passed down through the family of Carlos Ernesto Álvarez Ospina for generations. Named after the Spanish word for "triumph", Carlos took his job as the next generation of Ospina coffee growers seriously and, from a very young age, set out to learn as much as possible about coffee culture. When he was a teenager, his uncles gave him a small piece of land with some coffee trees so that he could start his own farm.

By the time he finished high school, his healthy culture was producing coffee regularly and he was selling his roasted coffee to family and friends. The proceeds from your business helped pay some of your tuition fees. After college, he went to law school and started his own law firm.

Carlos is part of Manos al Grano , a non-profit organization founded in 2021 to support coffee pickers. Manos al Grano trains coffee pickers and legalizes their work, paying them legally through a bank. Workers also receive benefits such as health insurance and a pension .

The pickers trained by Manos al Grano manually select the ripe red cherry and deliver it to the wet mill at Carlos' farm. The cherry is left to ferment slightly for 12 hours and then pulped and placed in tanks to ferment for 18 hours . After fermentation, the parchment is washed in clean water and placed on the patios to dry. The parchment dries on the patios for 2 days before being finished at low temperature in a mechanical dryer for 40 hours.


Overall, this coffee from Colombia offers a rich and complex cup with a balance of sweet and spicy notes. The fruity sweetness of plum and cherry is complemented by tangy acidity, while brown spice and ginger provide a warm, comforting flavor profile. Milk chocolate notes add a smooth, creamy layer to the flavor profile, making this a perfect coffee for anyone who enjoys a complex, full cup.

in the cup

Fruity sweetness of plum and cherry with a tangy sourness, brown spice and ginger with a smooth and creamy milk chocolate.

Origin:- Colombia
Region:- Huila
Producer:- Carlos Ernesto Ospina - El Triunfo
Variety:- Castillo, Caturra
Altitude:- 1900m
Processing Method:- Washed (Long Fermentation)

Preparation Suggestion (Brewing)

The Cup

Fruity sweetness of plum and cherry with a tangy sourness, brown spice and ginger with a smooth and creamy milk chocolate.

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Although coffee production in Colombia did not become a commercial industry until the 19th century, it is likely that coffee was introduced to Colombia about a century earlier by Jesuit priests.
Colombia has a wide range of microclimates and geographic conditions that produce the unique flavors so prized in Colombian coffees. Although there are many sub-regions and increasingly smaller geographic designations - all in terms of individual farms - coffees in Colombia can be separated into three major regions whose climate, soils and altitudes affect tastes.
Coffees grown in the north (Magdalena, Casanare, Santander and Norte de Santander) are usually planted at lower altitudes where temperatures are higher. As such, these coffees tend to have deeper, earthier tastes with a medium acidity, more body and hints of nuts and chocolate.
Coffees from the central regions (Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda, Norte de Valle, Antioquia, Cundinamarca and Norte de Tolima) are celebrated for their general balance and for their fruity and herbaceous notes. Flavor variations highlight the specific characteristics of each micro-region.

The southern regions (Cauca, Nariño, Huila and Sul de Tolima) are appreciated for producing smooth coffees with high sweetness and citrus notes. They are also known for their medium body and more pronounced acidity.

Produtor Carlos Ernesto Ospina - El Triunfo
Região Huila
Variedade Castillo, Caturra
Processo Washed
Altitude 1900m
Roast Level Light Dark

Fruity sweetness of plum and cherry with a tangy tartness, brown spice and ginger with a smooth and creamy milk chocolate